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Our Projects

For the better utilization of the available resources and to enhance the business activities of the company, Tara Group is getting into many projects and capacity enhancement initiatives.

Soap Plant at Jitwal Plant

The company is now going to produce soap for rural households. The soap manufactured by the premium raw-material, better technology and quality measures will certainly hit the rural markets.

Tara Uttam Seeds

For the welfare of farmers and the better seed of paddy, the company has initiated Tara Uttam Seeds. The seed types produced are: PUSA-44-Foundation, PUSA-44-Certified, P.R-114-Foundation, PUSA-1509-Basmati T/L and PUSA-1121-Basmati-Foundation.

New India Financial Services Limited

The Company has planned to provide short term and long term loans in various sectors which will include Personal loans, Gold loans, Corporate loans, Mortgage loans etc.