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Solvent Extraction

Solvent Extraction use oil-cake as their raw material and produces the oil through a chemical process. They chemically remove oil from the oil cake. olvent Extraction Plant: Following is the process we follow.

  • Preparatory Section - In the preparatory section of the solvent extraction plant, rice bran that is in a powder form is converted into pellet form.

  • Extraction Section - The pellets obtained from the preparatory section are subjected to extraction. Residual is known as “ Miscella”.

  • Distillation Section - The miscella obtained after the extraction process is distilled in vacuum distillation process where it is heated and steamed ,So as to obtain the Hexane- free rice bran oil which is transferred to storage section and other liquefied hexane is re- circulated in the extraction process.

  • De-Solventization Section - The residual material from the extraction process leaves behind de-oiled rice bran enriched with hexane solvent. This material is again heated and steamed so as to get the hexane free De-Oiled rice bran. Dried and hexane free de-oiled rice bran is transferred to a cattle feed facility and excess material is stored in storage godown. Residual hexane again recirculated for extraction process.