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Tara Glomin

Composition:- Highly Bioavaliable Organic minerals having Small Molecuar Weights with Vita,D3 & Vit E


  • Decreases incidence of lameness
  • Increases Intake of Total Mixed Rtions
  • Maximum Avilable-Reduces Environmental Impacts
  • Improves Animal Immune Sysem-Decreases Risk of Diseases
  • Optimizes Skin coat color & Brightness


  • *AS a regular supplement corrects Deficiencies of Trace elements

    Does :-

  • Calves (10 to 90 Days Age)-2 Gms per Day
  • Grower and heifers- 5 Gms per Day
  • Cows & Buffaloes- 10 Gms per Day
  • Closes the jar tightly after every use