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Business Policy

We believe that we are amongst the few organized players in the compounded cattle feed industry with a well established dealer network

We believe that we are one of the few organized players in the compounded cattle feed industry, with manufacturing units across various states in northern India, a solvent extraction plant and a well-established dealer network. We believe that we have been able to create a market for our products and expand our operation to achieve economies of scale that other unorganized producers of cattle feed are unable to do.

Proximity of manufacturing facilities to areas with high raw materials resources and consumer demand

We are able to effectively procure raw materials for our cattle feed business and edible oil production, and at the same time, have access to a considerably large consumer base especially in relation to our compounded cattle feed business. As we have established our operations in northern India over the period since our inception, we believe that we can exploit our established dealer network and the expertise gained from our cattle feed business in expanding our edible oil business and consolidating our compounded cattle feed business.

Stringent quality control measures for raw materials and other inputs

Achieving high quality standards in our products has been one of our primary goals. We endeavor to utilize only quality raw materials, whether it be rice bran for compounded cattle feed production or crude oil procured for our edible oil refineries.

Involvement of senior management team in research and development

Our senior management team, including certain Directors, has substantial involvement in the R&D center at Jitwal Kalan in the state of Punjab that verifies the quality of raw materials along with undertaking research to develop new products and determine a cost-effective formulae for production of our compounded cattle feed and edible oils products.