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We sell No 1 quality feed in India

Research Labs

THFL has well equipped laboratories of and sophisticated instruments. THFL is known for its quality research. Since inception, we have placed a strong emphasis on developing our in-house R&D abilities, which we believe, has been instrumental in our growth. In the cattle feed segment, we commenced commercial operations in 2005 with the introduction of Tara Feed, followed by Raath Gold. In the cattle feed segment, we have added four products, premium and low-cost, including a feed supplement, since commencing commercial production in 2005.

In the edible oil segment, we have developed seven products, including two blended oils and olive oil, since commencing commercial production in 2008 through our own development initiatives and efforts. We believe that our in-house R&D initiatives have resulted in the expansion of our product portfolio, maintaining the quality of our products and translating feedback received from customers, dealers and distributors into concrete results.

Our research and development activities emphasize designing and developing new products keeping in mind market standards, customer requirements, cost of production and compliance with applicable standardization norms. Our R&D centre is located near our manufacturing facilities and refinery at Jitwal Kalan in the state of Punjab. In fiscal 2010, the expenditure on our R&D centre was ` 0.60 million, representing 0.80% of our total expenses

Additionally, the R&D centre develops cost-reduction measures of production techniques to enhance the quality of our existing compounded cattle feed and edible oil products and undertakes research for developing new products. Over the years, we have leveraged our R&D abilities to expand our range of products and manufacture quality compounded cattle feed and edible oil. We along with our senior management have established and intend to continue to establish quality testing laboratories at our manufacturing facilities at other locations, that are either proposed or under various stages of implementation