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Approach to Sustainability

Social responsibility Initiatives

Our founders believe in the concept of sharing wealth created by business in a manner that reflects and supports into initiatives targeted to the deserving and rural Indian population. We support actively the cause centered on education, self employment and health care. Tara does focus to do its bit of service here. Besides providing livelihood to thousands of those, who are employed directly or indirectly towards their ventures, the social initiatives of Tara Health Foods Ltd. speak loud for their attitude to serve. Happiness according to them is in giving and providing whatever helps and serves the needy. The promoters of Tara Group believe in the concept of sharing wealth created in the business. It reflects and supports the initiatives targeted at the deserving population with a special focus on the rural population. Tara also focuses to ensure minimum pollution and minimize the side effects to flora and fauna in the region. Planting trees, creating a green environment, promoting education, in the rural belt, mentoring rural kids, educating farmers on how to utilize their resources and skills to get better returns are some of the ongoing social initiatives of Tara Health Foods Ltd.

Rural Revolution

Tara- most trusted brand in animal nutrition in Punjab.

Satisfying recurring needs of thousands of customers in rural market.

Experienced professionals with vibrant track record and execution strengths.

Vast distribution network in the heart of most promising rural Indian Markets.

Integrated operations and strategically located infrastructure.

Consistent efforts on north Indian rural markets and middle classes.