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Our people

We are an organization of talented, goal driven professionals guided by the vision of our Chairman S. Jaswant Singh, the promoters S. Balwant Singh and S. Kulwant Singh and supported by the team of inspired honchos. Tara depends upon knowledge for growth & team work & loyal support of their executives and employees for implementation.

As on August 31, 2010, we had a total of 179 permanent employees consisting of 39 employees in the administrative, sales and maintenance team, 60 employees in the security and transport team and 59 employees in the production team. In addition to our permanent employees, we hire from time to time contract workers to assist us in various aspects of our business. We have contract workers employed through independent contractors for unloading raw materials, packaging, loading of finished products and shifting materials.

Our permanent employees are not presently unionized. We believe our relations with our workforce are cordial. Tara community is strong on ethical front, obey both social and moral responsibility accompanying basic honesty and have huge conformity to procedures and values.

Our Team

We believe that a team of qualified professionals help in attaining maximum customer satisfaction by developing such products that adhere to their specifications and requirements. Thus, we have employed a highly professional team that understands the needs of humans and cattle. Moreover, this professional and skilled team of our company is well-versed with the physical refining methods of edible oils and processing of cattle feed. Owing to the vast experience and huge knowledge base of our team, we have been able to meet large consignment orders on time. Besides, the phenomenal success of our company is due to the hard work, dedication and perseverance of our team members.

Our Team Encompasses

Agriculture experts

Animal Husbandry experts

Quality controllers

Research and development staff

Administrative staff

Packaging personnel