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Compunded Cattle Feed

Process for Compounded Catlle Feed

Following is the process of manufacturing the Compounded Catlle Feed.

Compounded cattle feed refers to formulated feed with specific ingredients, such as rice, bran, maize, soyabean extracts and molasses.

  • Grinding - Maize is ground into flour of specific size prior to its use as an ingredient.

  • Batching - The different ingredients are put into a weighing hopper, a measuring scale and separator, in a specific ratio. The weighing hopper is equipped with a strong magnet so that iron particles and other impurities that are harmful to cattle and have iron content, present in the ingredients may not enter the hopper. The material is then put in a batching hopper, a scale that is utilized to measure and collect materials from weighing hopper.

  • Hammer Milling - From the batching hopper, the batch material is transported by a conveyor to the hammer mill, so that the ingredients may be grinded into a powdered form of a specific size.

  • First Mixing - From the hammer mill, the powdered material is transferred to a mixer where cane molasses is mixed with the material. Cane molasses is considered to be a source of energy and enhances the taste of the feed.

  • Collection Hopper - The material is then transferred the second mixer to complete the mixing process and to ensure that, the material is transferred to a collection hopper.

  • Second Mixing - In the second mixer, the material is thoroughly mixed to ensure that all the ingredients have adequately blended.

  • Blending - From the collection hopper, the material is transferred to a blender where the material is mixed thoroughly.

  • Packaging - From the blender, the final product is directly filled into bags or it is first pelletized, as described below and then filled into bags of a specified quantity.

  • Pelletization - This is the process of compressing or moulding material into the shape of a pellet. The pellets are also filled into bags of a specified quantity.