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Our Business Strategy

Our aim is to strengthen our position as an established producer of cattle feed and enhance our production capacity and increase our geographical reach in India. In addition, we aim to improve the brand recognition and positioning of our edible oil products in the Indian market.

Increase our production capacity

As part of our growth strategy and with a view to take advantage of emerging business opportunities and the expansion of present manufacturing facilities and refinery we will be able to manufacture our planned portfolio of products and tap emerging business opportunities and markets in the cattle feed industry and edible oil.

Strengthen our brand recognition

We have been conducting awareness campaigns at regular intervals to educate our existing and prospective customers regarding the health of cattle and humans and the importance of wellness as a key to enhancing productivity.

Continue focus on research and development

Our R&D center is engaged in developing new products and verifying the quality of raw materials being procured for our cattle feed and edible oil production prior to our Company placing bulk orders for raw materials. We believe that our in-house R&D abilities will further enable us to expand our product offerings in both the cattle feed and edible oil segments which, we believe, have potential for continued growth.

Expand our dealer network

We have an established and wide network of dealers for our compounded cattle feed business and of distributors and are continually focusing on exploring opportunities to further penetrate into remote areas of such and other states. We plan to consolidate our presence across the northern regions of India and will continue to assist our existing dealers and distributors in enhancing their performance and improving their sales.

Expand geographical reach

We seek to expand and enhance our presence in our existing business segments of compounded cattle feed and edible oil by identifying markets where we can provide cost-effective and quality products to prospective consumers. In the domestic market, we seek to capitalize on our existing experience, established contacts with dealers, distributors and suppliers and familiarity with local working conditions. We are also actively seeking opportunities to market our edible oil products in the international market, particularly in Europe.

Focus on manufacturing edible oil products to cater to demand by health-conscious consumers

Our edible oil products target the growing demand for olive oil in health-conscious consumers. Consumer preference for non-traditional edible oils, such as olive oil, has witnessed a substantial increase as non-traditional edible oils are considered to be low in cholesterol and fatty acids thereby making them healthier than traditional cooking oils. We believe that increased consumer interest and demand in ‘healthy’ edible oils will lead to an increased demand for our olive oil products and blended oil offerings.